fine artist sculptor


This book was inspired by the macro photographs I took of an old steamer trunk, which revealed the marks, colours and textures created through use, deterioration and time. 

These photos revealed a similarity to maps and continents and I wished to exaggerate this link by using cartography methods found in antique maps.  The map gives credence to the imagery, making you question there origin. The maps also convey the illusory existence, journeys and nostalgia the case transmits; a series of imaginary journeys

The hardcover for the book is made from sections of another old suitcase, embellished with the handles, locks, nails and other elements that evidence its origin. The case, which is also a container, is being used to re- encase the work, creating a new identity.   

Selected for the Iris Bookart Exhibition. May-June 2009, Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries.





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